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Adding a new custom LLM

As mentioned in Using AI in ClauseBuddy, ClauseBuddy integrates with Microsoft Azure's version of GPT4 by default. However, admin can configure additional custom LLMs like so:

From the LLMs preferences pane click + Add new LLM and fill out the form as appropriate. Then click Save.

Your API Key is safely encrypted before being saved to ClauseBase servers.

LLM settings and 'priority order'

Individual LLMs (including ClauseBase default LLMs: shown in italics) can be configured to be available only in the context of specific AI modules (such as Compose Document or DocAnswer) by editing their Settings:

In addition, when multiple LLMs are available to users it becomes important which LLM would be used by default, when no particular selection is made and the user has not previously made a selection. Admin can configure this with 'Edit priority order' like so:

In this case the admin saved the order Claude 3 Opus (Large) -> Azure GPT4, resulting ā€” in AI modules that support both LLMs ā€” in the following drop-down for users with Claude 3 Opus (Large) pre-selected:

If the user simply clicks 'Draft' here, and hasn't previously made a selection, Claude 3 Opus (Large) would be used right away, because it is the highest-priority LLM available for this AI module.

In this way, setting LLM priority order affects both:

  • the default LLM used for each AI module, and
  • the order of the drop-down that appears when multiple LLMs are available to a given AI module.

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