Preparing the guide

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Once you have created one or more repositories, you can create a guide by clicking on the green "+ Guide" button.

  • The title will be presented towards end-users in the button in the upper left corner, so don't make it too long.
  • The optional document identifier allows you to insert a code that should match the keywords section of a Word document's properties. For example, when you would enter "ART2569" in both the "document identifier" box and in the keywords section of the document's properties, ClauseBuddy will automatically open this guide when the end-user has opened that document and would click on the "Guide" button in the top bar of ClauseBuddy. (If the matching fails then the user will have to manually select the guide.)
  • In the introduction box you can optionally store a welcome text for the end-user. This text will be shown either when the user is first presented with the guide, or when the user clicks on the "Introduction" text at the top of ClauseBuddy's guide panel.
  • In the access bundle you can define who can read and/or edit the guide. 

Adding items to a guide

In order to add an item to a guide, you have to navigate to a relevant repository, and click on the leftmost button of an item:

The same item can be included in multiple guides. For example, when a law firm would prepare terms & conditions for multiple clients, the same item for the applicable law clause could be reused between guides for different clients. 

Don't forget to save the guide after you have added an item to it. The contents of a guide is not automatically stored by the software.

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