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ClauseBuddy strongly encourages you to create different lockers (Scroll Hunt) and baskets (Truffle Hunt) — e.g., one for your Corporate Department, one for your Employment Department, and one private locker for each individual legal expert. For compliance reasons, you want to subdivide a department into "sub-lockers" and "sub-baskets".

You need to be an administrator in order to create, update or delete lockers/baskets. An administrator can then define, for each locker/basket, which users are allowed to upload or remove content from a locker/basket.
Please bear in mind that Clause Hunt is designed to quickly allow you to search for inspiration. Do not use it as a document archive or case management system; do not treat it as an exhaustive source of information; and only upload copies of documents that you also store elsewhere. See our separate compliance page with more in-depth explanations.

Managing lockers & baskets

In Scroll Hunt, lockers can be managed by clicking on the small triangle at the right of the locker selector, and selecting the Manage... option.

In Truffle Hunt, baskets can be managed by clicking on the current basket's name in the upper left corner.

You will then see the following dialog box, containing a list of all your lockers at the left side.

Creating a new locker/basket

To create a new locker/basket, you click on the big green plus icon, configure it, and click on the Apply button.

  • The label should contain a friendly description of your locker/basket (e.g., "Commercial Templates" or "Mary Johnsson's Documents") — if relevant even translated into different languages.
  • Only for lockers (Scroll Hunt): While you can create lockers in different languages, each individual locker is mono-lingual, and should therefore contain only documents in the same language, otherwise your search performance will degrade (e.g., because the software will use stopwords and word variations in the wrong language). In the Documents language box, you should therefore select the language for the documents that will be uploaded into the locker.
  • In the Access-bundle box you should select an access-bundle, to define who gets access to a certain locker/basket, and who can upload / remove documents from it. Users need "Read & Use" rights to search, and need "Edit" rights in order to upload or remove documents from a locker/basket.
  • When you activate the Allow upload by email? option, authorised users can upload documents by sending an email to the specified email address. See the separate section below for more details.

Uploading documents by email

Uploading documents by email can be a very convenient feature to gradually upload documents, considering that most legal experts make heavy use of email. When an interesting document is drafted — e.g. a new template — you can simply forward this file to the specified email address, instead of having to manually drag in the file.


  • Any PDF, DOC or DOCX attachment will be automatically extracted from the email, and uploaded, as if you had manually dragged the file onto ClauseBuddy.
  • You can attach multiple files to the same email.
  • The software platform will check the sender's email address; if the user is not allowed to manually upload documents to a locker/basket, then sending by email will be refused as well.
  • All the other data within the email (subject; body; persons in CC or BCC; etc.) will be completely ignored.
  • It can take about one minute for the file to get processed; the sender will also receive an email confirmation with an overview of all the documents that got uploaded.
  • The email will be completely and permanently destroyed after this one minute.
  • The email address to which you have to send the emails looks a bit funny, but this is intended as a security measure, because the address is generated semi-randomly, so is difficult to guess. Should you ever want to change the address, you can click on the "Regenerate" button.
  • The lockers that have an associated email address will have a small email icon. You can click this icon to know the email address in question. You probably want to add this email address to your contact list.
Editing an existing locker/basket

To edit an existing locker/basket, you click on the ... at the right-side, and select Settings

Note that, while you can edit the label and access-bundle of a locker at any time, you cannot change the document language of the locker. If you chose the wrong language, you will have to remove the locker and create a new one. (This is not relevant for baskets, as they are multi-lingual.)

Deleting a locker/basket

You can delete a locker/basket by clicking on the ... at the right side, and then selecting Delete.

You will have to confirm that you truly want to delete the locker/basket, because this process will irreversibly delete all your documents in it.

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