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ClauseBuddy allows you to simultaneously subscribe to multiple libraries, and switch between them with the click of a button. Those libraries can even host different languages. 

Imagine, for example, that you are a corporate lawyer working at the Paris office of Smithers & Partners. You may have simultaneous access to:

  • your own personal library (French)
  • the library of the Corporate department in Paris (English & French)
  • the library of the Employment department in Paris (French only)
  • clauses published by an M&A association you are affiliated with (French, German & Italian)

Adding a subscription

You can add a new subscription at any time by clicking on the dropdown list in the top-right corner, and choosing Add a new subscription.

Alternatively, you can add a new subscription by going to the Subscriptions settings.

There you can manage your subscriptions, i.e. removing existing subscriptions and adding new ones as well. 

Switching between subscriptions

You can switch between subscriptions by clicking on your current subscription's name in the top right corner. 

Subscription validity

Subscriptions can have an expiry date, and may require a separate payment. When a subscription has expired, ClauseBuddy will warn you that your access is blocked.

Publishing your own library? 

Contact us if you are interested in publishing your own library — either for profit or for free! It does not matter whether you are a law firm wanting to provide private access to (a part of its internal) library to clients, or a trade association desiring to share its knowledge among members.

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