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What is Clause Hunt?

This feature allows you to visually browse through archived text documents (.DOCX, .DOC or .PDF), in search of inspiring fragments of text. When you effectively find an interesting fragment, you can either immediately insert into your current document, or save it to your clause library for future reference.

Why would I use it, instead of my clause library?

For most legal experts, a nicely ordened clause library should be the first location to find a clause, as it will generally be the fastest approach, with the highest quality, ideally also providing do's and don'ts for each clause.

However, as every legal expert knows, there are situations when you are looking for inspiration. Clause Hunt can then be an interesting avenue to explore, because it allows you to search through thousands of documents β€” so quantity instead of quality. This will usually take a lot more time than browsing in clean clause library, because you may need to read through many different examples to find a good candidate, and with each example you find you will also have to assess whether the context was appropriate.

Example documents

To whet your appetite for Clause Hunt, we provide several free sample libraries. For example, we include a selection of 260,000+ sample corporate / commercial / employment contracts from the SEC's EDGAR library, written by the world's finest lawyers. Even in other jurisdictions, those sample contracts can be very effective in providing inspiration.

In the future we will add other free examples β€” so stay tuned!

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