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The ClauseBuddy icon is greyed out within Microsoft Word

You have probably opened a .DOC file instead of a .DOCX file.

A .DOC-file is an outdated format, that is unfortunately not supported by Microsoft for the modern plugin architecture. The solution is to simply save the .DOC as a .DOCX file.

The ClauseBuddy icon disappears for an unknown reason!

Unfortunately, this problem is not limited to ClauseBuddy, as several other addins have the same problem. Microsoft is investigating why this is happening to some users at unpredictable moments. It seems to usually occur when certain Windows / Office updates are being installed, and it seems to affect Outlook more than Word.

If you can reliably reproduce this problem, you would do everyone a favour in letting us know!

Where can I get more help?

Aside from emailing us, feel free to create an account on our Discussion forum! You will learn from other users, and are invited to ask any questions you feel like.

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